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Body Composition Analysis

There’s more to your body than losing or gaining weight. Get the full picture of what you’re made of with the InBody 570 body composition analyzer.  Our body composition analyzer will give you a full report that outlines key elements that will give you and your doctor the information you need to create a tailored plan.

InBody 570 Analysis

When you use the InBody body composition analyzer, you’ll get a results sheet that outlines your weight, percent body fat, muscle development and basal metabolic rate. This will allow you to get an accurate body fat measurement that uses a formula of dividing body fat mass by your weight. This is more accurate than the BMI calculation of only height and weight, which can label people obese when they are not.

You’ll also learn how lean your body mass is and if there’s enough to support your current weight. Using the BMR, which stands for basal metabolic rate, you’ll see the number of calories that are burned at rest during the day. This information can help you fine tune your diet, which is an important component to weight loss and overall health.

What is Body Composition?

Body composition is a method that describes what the body is made up of including water, protein, minerals and fat which helps you get an accurate picture of your health – more accurate than BMI. Body composition gives you a measurement of your muscle mass, fat and body water levels to uncover the areas that need improvement.

Find Out What You’re Made Of  
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