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Herbal Treatment

Naturopathic Consultation

As a returning client, we will collaborate with you to create a personalized follow-up schedule that caters to your specific needs and progress. Typically, this means visiting your doctor every 4 to 12 weeks, but it may vary depending on your unique situation. We will begin with more frequent visits to closely monitor your progress and optimize your health. As your health improves, we will gradually extend the time between appointments. Our aim is to help you achieve a less frequent schedule while ensuring your health remains well-managed. 

We Offer Different Levels of Care to Meet Your Needs

After finishing the Initial Consultation, Naturopathic Doctor Brandon Drabek will recommend the appropriate level of care to begin with. Subsequent appointments will be scheduled based on this classification, and clients may be reclassified based on their progress.
What To Expect During Your Follow-Up Consultation

During each visit, we aim to identify your primary imbalances. Based on our findings, we recommend a strategy to target and improve the function of a specific system or tissue. Although these measures are gentle, consistent application can yield positive results.

Each visit may include the following based upon your level of care:

  • Discussion of your foundational habits (food, water, sleep, movement, detoxification, and stress management.)

  • Body Composition Assessment

  • Physical Assessment: (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Oxygen Saturation, & Functional Clinical Assessment)

  • Systems Review

  • Biofeedback Wellness Screening​

  • High Sensitivity Urinalysis & Nutritional Microscopy

  • Food Sensitivity Assessment

  • Review of Lab work with Functional Health Report

  • Update Your Health Plan which includes foods, herbal therapies, and lifestyle recommendations.​

  • Meal Plans Are Available Upon Request

All Consultations are approximately 90 minutes in length.

Virtual Visits

You can now stay connected to your holistic provider through virtual visits using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Why go virtual? It's an easy, convenient, and secure way to see your provider face-to-face without having to leave home. This is a great way for long-distance clients to save travel time!

Let's Get To Know Each Other!

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