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Food Sensitivity
Food Inflammation Test

Nutrition is all about getting the right food in the right amounts at the right times. However, no single diet plan will be optimal for every person because we are all unique and have different needs. 

Concepts suchas bioindividuality and intuitive eating further explain why a diet should fit the individual and not the other way around.

Food Sensitivity Test

The Food Sensitivity Test aligns with Hippocrates' belief in food as medicine. This approach measures food coherence for greater biological compatibility. This perspective fosters a positive dietary outlook focused on what supports health rather than what to avoid.  The test covers over 450 food foods across categories like Beans and Legumes, Fruits, Meats & Poultry, enabling a diverse diet.  It also evaluates stressors such as food additives, pesticides, and GMOs, offering insights into potential dietary concerns.

The biosurvey generates 10 detailed reports, including top food recommendations and insights into stressor impacts, aiding lifestyle and nutritional choices.  Moreover, these reports double as convenient shopping lists, guiding users to integrate recommended foods into their diet while avoiding less compatible options.

Food Inflammation Test

The FIT Test is the most sensitive food test available using patented technology. The multiple pathway approach allows us to measure the Whole immune system and looks at not only food sensitivities but also inflammation and gut permeability all from one test. We also provide best in class compliance tools including a personalized meal plan, a patient app and supplement protocols.  There are three tests available depending on how many foods you want to test for: FIT 22, FIT 132, FIT 176. Foods we test.

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