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Naturopathic Consultation

The field of naturopathic medicine is becoming increasingly popular and more widely accepted as a vital component of healthcare delivery. Naturopathic medicine has been in use for hundreds of years, and traditional/world-medicine for thousands, however the evidence base for natural therapies has grown substantially in the last few decades. Many people are interested in visiting a naturopathic doctor (ND) in order to safely incorporate natural treatments for a wide variety of health issues.  

If you are considering visiting Naturopathic Doctor Brandon Drabek and would like to know what to expect during your first appointment, here is a breakdown of a typical first visit


Length of Appointment

Your first visit may take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours, which is significantly longer than a conventional medical visit. This first visit is extended in order to give the doctor a chance to get to know you and gain an in-depth knowledge of your health, both past and present.

Desired Outcomes & Health History

Prior to your first visit, we will have you complete an Intake Questionnaire.  Dr. Brandon will want to know about your health goals and desired outcomes. This may mean getting particular health issues under control or simply helping you feel more energetic and healthier all around. If you have particular ailments that are a concern, or a specific outcome or goal that you want to work towards, communicate that in this initial appointment. Additionally, the Intake Questionnaire will ask you questions in order to make a detailed record of your health history and concerns. This will involve inquiry into your current and past health, medications, and lifestyle. You can expect a large portion of your intake forms to be dedicated to providing a lot of comprehensive health information. It is important that your ND gets an honest and comprehensive look at your health history and truly understands your individual experience in order to properly recommend the best plan for you going forward.

Questions About Diet & Nutrition

Food is a focal point in naturopathic medicine, so your ND will be asking a number of questions regarding your diet, including what you eat regularly, any supplements that you take, and how you feel after eating certain foods. They will also connect the dots to GI health, energy, stress and sleep. This will enable the ND to come up with a plan that fits your individual situation and is root-cause-focused. You will be asked to complete a nutritional assessment questionnaire (NAQ) and other paperwork prior to that first visit. The NAQ is a comprehensive symptom survey that assists in identifying and prioritizing systems and nutrients that need supported. Dr. Brandon uses the NAQ to track symptoms over time to measure improvement under his care.

Laboratory Tests

Once the Intake Questionnaire and NAQ are completed Dr. Brandon will recommend any laboratory tests that are relevant in order to complete your assessment. At this time Dr. Brandon utilizes phlebotomy services from Quest & LabCorp.

Next Steps

At the end of the appointment, your ND will provide you with recommendations and talk with you to collaboratively create an individualized treatment plan and follow-up appointment schedule. Depending on the findings from the intake and examination, your ND may recommend any or all of these following treatments: focused therapeutic nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements, mind-body techniques, homeopathy, physical medicine, stress reduction approaches, lifestyle counseling, Traditional Chinese Medicine, hydrotherapy, referrals to other providers, and more.

Brandon's Philosophy

There are numerous internal and external factors that impact our health and well-being, it becomes clear that a comprehensive approach to healing is necessary. But the good news is that healthy self-care practices can lead to significant and sustainable improvements in health. That's why Brandon's approach is so effective - he takes the time to find the root causes of metabolic dysfunction and creates a personalized healthy living plan that addresses physical, mental, and emotional needs. By working with Brandon, you'll be taking positive steps towards improving your health and wellbeing. So why wait? Start today and invest in your health - you won't regret it!

Let's Get to Know Each Other

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