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Naturopathic Methods

If we consider the numerous internal and external factors that impact our health and well-being, it becomes clear that a comprehensive approach to healing is necessary. This is where naturopathic medicine comes into play. Naturopathic Doctor Brandon Drabek follows this approach and creates personalized holistic health care plans that cater to every aspect of your life and help you feel better.

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Understanding Naturopathic Health

Naturopathic Health, also known as Integrative Health and Functional Health, differs from traditional medical strategies in some significant ways. The standard approach to modern medicine tends to focus on alleviating the outward or surface symptoms of a disease or injury. If one particular health issue seems to produce those symptoms, the doctor might focus on fixing that issue without looking at any underlying circumstances that might have brought it about.

Naturopathy views you as a whole person -- not just as an injury, illness, or symptom to be treated. This approach factors your physical, psychological, and emotional wellness into account, identifying the various triggers that might work together to undermine your health. Naturopathic doctors then address each of those trouble points by administering several complementary therapies as part of a holistic health program. This strategy not only alleviates the symptoms of your health challenges; it also corrects the underlying factors that produced those symptoms, improving your overall health, and enabling you to preserve that newfound wellness.

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy, using evidence-based medicinal plants, foods, vitamins, minerals, organ extracts, and homeopathy has been a core practice to promote health and alleviate suffering. Brandon uses only patented, researched, and trademarked formulas backed by clinical research, which are 100% guaranteed to meet label claims.

Advanced Specialized Testing

Brandon uses specialized blood, saliva, and urine tests to identify the root causes of dysfunction. He offers personalized healthy living plans based on Comprehensive Blood Panels, Hormones & Neurotransmitters, Food Inflammation Testing, Genetic Testing, and Micronutrient Testing.

Blood Test

Biofeedback uses biosensors to measure physiological parameters through skin conductivity in real time. Biofeedback helps clients make proactive health decisions for better performance and well-being.

Body Composition

Body composition is a precise method used by health professionals to evaluate weight. It breaks down weight into fat, protein, minerals, and body water, providing a more accurate and comprehensive view of an individual's health. This analysis can identify changes in fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage.


Continuous Glucose Monitors track blood glucose levels in real-time, offering personalized insights for diet and exercise. They give 24/7 data points for analysis and provide weekly insights for sustainable changes.

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